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Color's Mage

28-12-2015, 16:42


Welcome to the world of Color’s Mage. New exciting game will not leave indifferent neither kids nor adults. Collect the color puzzle together with our wizards or compete with each other. The game helps to learn the secrets of solving non-standard problems, develop memory and logic, test intellectual abilities and to experience the joy of victory as well.

The rules of the game.
Four difficulty levels are available to the player. The field of color selection is over the main field. After choosing the color the player holds one horizontal or vertical line on the playing field.  Matched by color squares disappear (change to white), which are not coincided, accumulate new color. If you hold on white fields they will be painted in a color that is currently active. Number on a white square means that you can pass the color once, but it will remain white.
Easier difficulty levels offer game elements described above separately.
You are considered a winner if all the squares on the field are painted white. After finishing the game you will be prompted to save it on the game server, so that your friends or other players will be able to improve your result and take the place in the list of best players. Download it to the device one of the games leader board and you will have the opportunity to make their result higher. Compete with players around the world; share your emotions with other participants.
Collecting identification data is necessary for the communicating to player with a rating of global statistics and cannot be used for other purposes.









Color's Mage Color's Mage Color's Mage Color's Mage