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6-01-2016, 18:50


Auto parts online store contains a catalog of parts that can be grouped by brands and models of cars. The site features more than 77 brands of cars, and the total number of models in the catalog of the online store counts more than 10 thousand.
At the built-in slider you can advertise products from online store or information about promotions or discounts.
Home page displays recommended or the most popular products of the company.
Categories and sub-categories contains filters and ability to sort items according to different criteria (name, price, rating, model, etc.).
For your convenience, you can select the number of displayed products on the page.
The item that you have selected at the online store may add to comparison with analogues of other brands.
You can see your selected product or buy later, adding it "To notes"
Each item has a description, you can leave your comments and share information in posts at social networks.
There is a form to return goods. Shopping cart allows you to make the order and, if necessary, to postponed it until payment.
Parts catalog has the global search by the unique code of detail.










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